Tactical Performance Corp. is the manufacturing arm of the tactical gear design company Tactical Performance Inc. ™ and Tactical Performance Co., Ltd.™. Both company design and engineers equipment for international military units and civilians as well.

Tactical Performance, Inc. was established with Certificate Business No. 3165125 in 2004 to meet the demands of Soldiers who were looking for the high performance and user friendly equipment. Our gear is being tested by Special Operations group unit soldiers and modified to meet the needs of those who know the differences. Some of the items are only made available to qualified agencies but most are available to the general community.

Our motto is “Performance”. We make high performance gear for those who feel its necessity. We continuously do our best to provide high-performance, long-lasting gear with affordable price for those who need the best.

We appreciate those Soldiers who are closely working with us to provide necessary battle field requirements to improve our gear and suit more to their daily needs to cope with every situation.

Tosh Policastro
Managing Director
Tactical Performance Corp.